Transparent LED Display

1. Transparent LED display has a strip like LED lamp arrangement and has the property of transmitting light like curtain.
2. Transparent LED display can be placed in a window without sacrificing natural light in your space.
3. With 40% to 60% transparency, it can performe a stunning picture quality from the outside and a clear view out from the inside.
4. Standard cabinet sizing: 500*1000mm / 1000*1000mm . Dual sizing options make it easier to meet building specification, customized size also welcome.
5. Slim & lightweight cabinet Thickness: 73mm; Weight less than 10kgs/m2. These features allow for easy installation and transportation.
6. Its slim design and high brightness allow it to compete with direct sunlight while allowing you to create a dynamic experience before the customer enters your location.

Transparent is perfect for any commercial application like retail, hotel, shopping mall; it also fit for the creative and artistic applications.

Available in the following pixel pitches: P2.6, P3.9, P7.8, P10.4. Welcome to contact us for further more details!

Product description

Transparent LED dispaly can be placed over a storefront window or positioned directly in front of products. They allow static, animated and video content to be displayed without blocking the window or obscuring the merchandise.

Pixel Pitch: P2.6-5.2mm, P3.9-7.8mm, P7.81mm, P10.4mm.
Transparent LED displays are highly adaptable, it is perfect for a wide variety of applications. Whether you’re a retail chain, independent store owner, restaurant, estate agent, showroom, events venue, airport, shopping mall or other organisation – with a transparent LED display, it will help you transform your promotion idea into reality.

Technical specification

What is the secrete of the transparent led display make it stand out from the traditional LED Display?

Standard cabinet with Slim & light weight design

Dual Sizing Standard cabinet options: 500*1000mm / 1000*1000mm,thickness: 48mm. Or customized sizing if in need.
The multiple sizing options make the transparent display easier to meet your build demands.

Cabinet weight is less than 10kg/㎡. Light weight, good weather resistance, corrosion resistance and moisture resistance  offer creative and artistic benefits in almost any commercial application.

40-60% high transparency

Its transparency allows the transparent LED display can be placed in a front window without sacrificing natural light in your space.

Its inherent transparency offers a refreshing and ideal solution for commercial area , dazzling audiences with the creative use of such technology

Fast Installation & Easy Maintenance

Quick lock system allows for easy installation on the aluminum substructure. 

Thin and lightweight LED curtain;  front and rear access,  easy to install and do maintenance.

Widely Application

Compared with traditional LED displays, transparent led display can create more spacious and brighter indoor room, and also contributes to eye-catching advertisements and more impressive brand image.

So transparent LED display are widely used for shopping mall, exterior wall of buildings, Stage performance, and Exhibitions.