Outdoor Transparent LED Display-P3.91

  • Transparent LED Display P3.91-7.81 provides 4500~5000 nits of brightness while consuming much less energy compared to conventional LED displays.
  • 32,768 pixles/m2, high resolution, good color uniformity, wide grayscale, and high contrast ratio, ensure the screen perform excellent visual effect.
  • 55% high transparency. Invisible 5 meters away, which makes it the ultimate choice for glass window and facade applications. Natural sunlight can filter through for a pleasant indoor shopping experience, while outdoor pedestrian can see in.
  • Transparent LED Display comes in standard size modules ( 1000mm x 500mm x 70mm ) and can be used to create small, medium, large, and even extra-large LED screens—there are no size limitations. And no matter what size you build, the high quality brightness, resolution, and transparency remain intact.

Product description

Wow your audience with high-impact transparent LED displays?
P3.91-7.81 outdoor transparent led display is used to create highly impressive and memorable displays on the world stage that command attention.
Highly customizable, ideal for permanent and semi-permanent installation. It can be customized to fit your outdoor architecture, no matter the size, 
from small displays to large format transparent LED video screens.

These modular transparent led panels are ideal for advertising and media architectural facades. We guarantee our transparent LED display solutions are
 the most cost-effective way to achieve the highest quality luminance.

Compact Design

Comes in standard size modules ( 1000mm x 500mm x 70mm ) and can be customized, there are no size limitations.


With astonishing average weight at a sheer 14~16 kg/sqm.

Fanless Design

Groundbreaking fanless self-cooling design renders our ultra-slim structure.

Quick and easy installation

Cam lock system allows for easy hanging and connection between panels. This unique locking system works with a speedy and effortless, 4-step process: align, lift, click, and lock.

Power supplies and receiving cards are built into the modules, and power cables are easily connected, plus a handle is built into the back of each module making it easy to assemble, disassemble, and handle your display.

Technical Specification

Widely application

IP65 waterproof progress, high brightness, highly customizable, this outdoor transparent LED display provides an effective and striking alternative to Large Format LED Screens. 
Transparent LED display screens can be used in a wide variety of places like Outdoor billboards, Building Glass Curtain Wall, Showrooms, Airports, and shopping malls etc