LED Curtain Wall Display

Comparing to the ordinary LED displays, LED curtain screen has more advantages:

  •  Transparent Appearance
    Depending on its pixel pitch, led curtain transparency rate range from 35% to 70%. That’s why we also call it see through screen. Owning to it’s transparency, it allows natural night and daylight effects to appear and be visible on the screen naturally.
  • Super Slim and Lightweight Design
    Impressively slim structure, fanless, no limitation of the heavy cabinets, extremly light. It allows simple steel structures to install.
  • Easy to Install, Use, and Maintain
    Due to its lightweight design, installation process and maintenace become more easy.
  • Energy Saving and Cost Efficient
    In most cases, screen average power consumption is 135W/㎡. It reduces plenty of power consumption, consequently minimizing your overall energy bills.
  • Weather Resistant
    LED curtain screens consist of aluminum alloy in their boxes, making the screen’s heat dissipation levels highly reliable. No need cooling fans even it work in harsh temperatures from -40℃to 60℃.
  • High Durability and Long Lifespan
    Due to its good heat dissipation, lower power consumption, you can expect your LED curtain screen to last you longer than an ordinary LED display screen.

Product description

LED curtain wall display is one of the modes of using LED displays for commercial outdoor advertising. LED curtain display is mostly placed or installed on building roof, façade, glass wall, poles, among other places.

The curtain screen has high-definition, outstanding contrast and eye-catching brightness levels that make this screen’s display quality a lot more unique and attractive. Pixel pitch typically ranges from  10mm-30mm  for outdoor viewing.

Technical specification

What is the secrete of the LED curtain display make it stand out from the traditional outdoor LED Display?

High Brightness and Transparency

Outdoor LED Curtain panels feature DIP 346 LEDs which have a brightness of >7,000 Nit to ensure the  display looks pristine in direct sunlight. 

Up to 70% transparent and can be placed on the outside of a window without sacrificing natural light in your space.

High Durability & Long Lifespan

LED curtain screen is IP65 protection grade with full glue cover and waterproof rubber ring. It can withstand harsh temperature from -40℃ to 75℃.

Good heat dissipation performance &  good waterproof performance prevents water and dust from entering the LED which longer its operating life. 

Fast Installation & Easy Maintenance

Quick lock system allows for easy installation on the aluminum substructure. 

Thin and lightweight LED curtain;  front and rear access,  easy to install and do maintenance.

Widely Application

Suitable for use outside the glass wall of the building;
rooftop billboard application; 
can be applied to outdoor billboard due to wind and waterproof.