Flexible led panel screen display

Flexible led panel screen display is specially designed for the creativity. Made from soft PCB and rubber material, flexible led displays are perfect for creative solution like curved, circles, spheres and wave shapes etc.

>>>Flexible led screen is available in the following pixel pitches: 1.86mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.076mm.
>>>Standard module design in 320*160mm, ultra thin limited to 8.6mm. Real bendable LED panel can make minimal LED dome screen at 0.6 meters diameter. Noted: Bendable arc≤145°.
>>>Selected National strar brand quality black led lamps: SMD1212, SMD 1515m SMD2121. High consistency and unifornity ensure to achieve the perfect picture quality.
>>>12~16 bit/16384 high grayscale, 1920Hz high refresh rate and high contrast design, present sharp pictures and vivid video.
>>>Build in strong magnetic, adsorption type installation which is convenient for installation and maintenance.

Product description

Flexible LED display is one of the best tool to boost your business. These LED displays are designed to feature LED pixels on a rubber or PCB material and are used to display eye-catching images. 

Flexible LED Module can be shaped in different shapes for a striking and eye-catching display. The most common screen are LED Sphere Display, Cylinder LED Screen, Circular LED Display,etc.

Lighter, Thinner Flexible LED Panel Display Screen

Standard flex led module size come in 320*160mm. Thickness: 8.6mm; 
Weight: 0.36kgs

High-resolution Pitch Options

Resolution is often the key feature in most LED applications. We offer the highest resolution 1.86mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.076mm for customized demands.

Space saving and Quick installation
These LED displays are not enclosed inside a cabinet and only take up 10mm space in thickness. This eliminates space limitations and enables easy installations.

Technical Specification

More about the product

Build in strong magnets, Flexible LED display modules can be easily placed anywhere to form different creative LED display shapessuch as LED columns, curved, concave and convex LED displays. Installation and maintenance can be access from the front.

There are endless possibilities for what you can do with a flexible LED screen. It is suitable for business center marketing & advertising, transportation information, creative art exhibits, stage show and theatre productions.

So if you need to add some extra pizzazz to your business or event, then definitely consider using them.