3D Outdoor Advertising LED Display Screen

Glasses-free 3D LED screen allows people to watch the 3D animation without wearing 3D glasses. Comparing with the traditional led screen, glasses-free 3D LED screen has following advantages:

  • Reaching both offline and online consumers
    You are not only displaying your message to anyone who is physically present near the LED display. When the offline audience shares and discusses your engaging content on social media, you are also reaching the online community indirectly. Ad exposure is definitely doubled!
  • 3D LED screen is an excellent attention grabber
    People just could not afford to miss it especially if this is their first time seeing the stunning 3D content. When you manage to grab the attention, your first step in building awareness is definitely right on track.
  •  An innovative way to increase brand awareness
    Tell a good story. Offer a valuable consumer experience. Consumers will be inspired, and they will remember your brand.
  • Clear and stunning visual quality
    In order to create the most impactful 3D content, the LED screen needs to meet several requirements such as high brightness, high dynamic range and high grayscale level.

Product description

3D Outdoor advertising display-immersive marketing leader. The 3D LED display brings viewers a visual effect that is more impactful and aesthetically. 
It increases customer retention rate and creates more possibilities of business value for your brand. 

Immersive or experience marketing continues to win over consumers and customers on a daily basis.

Technical Specifications:

Item number3D-H53D-H63D-H83D-H10
Module Size(mm)160*80192*96160*80160*80
Module Resolution(mm)32*1632*1640*2016*8
LED LampSMD1921SMD3535SMD3535SMD3535
CabinetCabinet size(mm)Customized size
Cabinet MaterialAluminum Profile
Cabinet Weight≤32kg
Screen Resolution4000dots/m²24414dots/m²15625dots/m²10000dots/m²
Brightness >5500cd/m²>6500/m²>6500/m²>6500/m²
Ave.Power Consumption190W/m²200W/m²200W/m²180W/m²
Max.Power Consumption480W/m²500W/m²530W/m²450/m²
IP LevelIP65
Gray Level16bit
Viewing AngleV:140°/ H:140°
Refresh Rate3840
Maintenance ModeFront and Full Maintenance
Working Temperature-20°C~50°C,10%~90% RH
Input Signal VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI

How to make a sucessful Glass-free3D LED Screen?

Glasses-free 3D LED screen is both an art and science. In order to create a truly immersive 3D content that looks realistic enough, you need to put effort into both hardware and software.

Hardware Requirements:

1. In order to achieve the 3D-look, we need to mount two LED screens next to each other at a 90 ° right angle, make it looks like a cubic 

2. The LED display needs to support high dynamic range and high playback resolution. It also needs to have higher refresh rate. 

3. High resolution as much as 4K , Outdoor P3/P4/P5/P6/P8 would be the good choice to build 3D led screen.

Software Requirements:

What we have to highlight:  Glasses-free 3D LED screen is not a magic display, it can’t  turn every content into 3D content automatically. 

So Look for professional content producers like digital media company or post production studio help to create the most suitable content for 3D LED screen.

Glasses-free 3D LED screen Application

Widely application

Glasses-free 3D LED screen is applicable  in advertising media, entertainment, public facilities etc. 3D technology still new to the market. So now it appears in the business center street, theme park,  cross road, street corner or building facade. We firm believe it will set up more and more in the near future.